Dr. Diego E. Vacaflores R.

Department of Finance & Economics

McCoy College of Business Administration

Dr. Vacaflores’ primary research focus is in the field of macroeconomics, with a special focus on Remittances, Foreign Direct Investment, and Monetary Policy. In Remittances, he has examined the effect that Remittances can have on the macroeconomic aggregates, the importance of sterilization on the transmission mechanism of a Remittances shock, the effect of Remittances on the accumulation of international reserves, the importance of the exchange rate regimes in the effect of Remittances on economic growth, and the importance of labor migration in the determination of the effects of Remittances in the receiving economy. In terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), he has examined the effects of FDI on GDP growth, labor employment and tax revenues in Latin American countries, and the importance of labor market rigidity in the determination of FDI in European countries. His work on Monetary Policy has concentrated on the differential effect that monetary policy can have on the economy depending on the way in which money is injected (directly to the financial institutions or through the consumer (in Latin America and in the U.S.)) and on the differential effect that it can have in different sectors of the economy (U.S.).